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At DK Orthodontics, our mission is to make orthodontic treatment comfortable, efficient, and affordable for all our patients. From the moment you enter the office, our aim is to ensure that you do not feel like a patient, but rather as a family member knowing that we will do everything possible to make your orthodontic journey memorable. Your convenience is our top priority as we are open early at 7 AM to accomodate you before school and work, over the lunch hour, and late for those after-school adjustments.

We also recognize the sacrifice that it takes to put yourself or your children through orthodontic treatment. We offer interest-free, monthly payment plans starting as low as $99/month and will work with you to make braces not a luxury available to the few, but an experience available to all.

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Your Smile Matters!

Choose a Board Certified Orthodontist.

Did you know that only 55% of all orthodontists are Board Certified?!

At DK Orthodontics, Dr. Keith is American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) Certified which sets our practice apart!
This indicates that Dr. Keith has successfully passed all examinations allowing him to carry this distinction.

What is a Board Certified Orthodontist?
A board certified orthodontist is an orthodontist who has voluntarily gone through the process of demonstrating their judgment, skills and knowledge to their orthodontic peers in order to ultimately provide the highest level of patient experience. They have achieved board certification through the American Board of Orthodontics, the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and in affiliation with the American Association of Orthodontists.

Achieving board certification is the last step in a long and intensive educational experience to ultimately provide excellent patient experience. There is nothing we take more seriously at DK Orthodontics than the quality of both our patient experience and clinical treatment and Dr. Keith is dedicated to ensuring that you receive both!

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The Clear Path to a Straighter Smile
For teens and adults, Invisalign is a great alternative treatment to traditional ceramic and metal braces. These clear aligners shift teeth gradually and can treat anything from a single out-of-place tooth to full upper and lower arch misalignment.

Dr. Dan works with an Align Technician to create a custom series of clear, plastic trays that you will change out weekly in the comfort of your own home.

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For younger patients and those with more serious dental issues, we offer both metal and ceramic braces These corrective treatments use brackets, which are bonded to the teeth, along with wires and elastic bands to fix dental alignment.

Metal braces feature colored bands that can be swapped at every visit, making each visit a fun experience for kids of all ages. Ceramic braces are clear, which provide a nearly unnoticeable method of treatment.

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It’s our mission to provide you with the premium-quality orthodontic services you desire and the customer service you expect. Click below for more information about DK Orthodontics and meet the team that is ready to help with all your orthodontic needs.

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