Step One

Call Us

The first step in the orthodontic process is to either fill out our online information request or call our office directly at (701) 751-8444.

From that point, we will visit with you about your orthodontic needs and find a time that works best for you to come to the office for a FREE consultation in order to help Dr. Dan and the team understand all of your orthodontic concerns and work towards getting you the smile you have always wanted.

Step Two


Schedule Free Consultation & Records Review

Following a tour of our office, a series of complimentary photographs and x-rays will be taken in order for you to best explain to Dr. Dan and our team what you’d like to accomplish with your orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Dan will then evaluate your orthodontic concerns and present a number of treatment options in order to determine which best fits your goals and lifestyle.

Step Three


Following your consultation, a number of treatment plans and options (Braces, Invisalign) will be discussed.

Please remember that our number one goal at DK Orthodontics is to make orthodontic treatment affordable for all who wish to undergo the journey.

Orthodontics should not be a luxury available only to a select few. With that being said, financing flexibility is paramount within our practice and we will work with you to come up with a payment plan that allows this life-changing experience to become a reality.

Finances should never preclude someone from being able to attain that perfect smile and we are committed to ensuring that.

Step Four

Ready to go!!

Once your family has had the opportunity to discuss all your questions with Dr. Dan and our team, the big day is here…Welcome to the DK Orthodontics family!

Ready to see how orthodontics can change your life?

Click below and our team will contact you very soon to begin your orthodontic journey!

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